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Didier VIVIERS, Micheline CALMY-REY, Jean DE RUYT Visions du Monde/Reading the complexity of the World
La diversité ou les défis d’une gouvernance transnationale

Date : 23.10.2019 — Vidéo 79 min. — Audio 79 min.

In our increasingly complex and unstable world, it is important to understand how each region, each culture, each relevant State articulates local concerns and global issues. It is important to know the various perceptions and visions of the relationships that exist, or could be developed, between global performers.

In the heart of the European capital, the Royal Academy of Belgium is committed to hearing and discussing different readings, and measuring their convergence as well as their antagonisms. It is the ideal place for the gathering of scientists, politicians, diplomats, officials of European and World institutions, or any curious mind. The « Rencontres internationales de l’Académie royale de Belgique » will allow participants to build their own representation of the complexity of relations between states, regions and cultures of the globalized world.


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