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Jerome WARREN Chaire SFPI (1/2) Embedding Firms within the Mission Economy. Why Should the Firm Be Part of a Sustainable Agenda?

Date : 04.10.2022 — Vidéo 71 min.

This first lecture attempts to introduce and problematize the dual nature of sustainability (i.e. environmental and social), seeking to understand whether and why firms should be part of a sustainable agenda. Towards this end, it seeks to synthesize and move beyond the lessons of the previous Chairholder, Maximilian Krahé, returning to the discussion of "Downwards translation". It seeks to connect this process with Philippe de Woot's agenda of re-thinking the "raison d'être" of the firm. This lecture will attempt to connect this agenda with what Mariana Mazzucato has called a "Mission economy", tracing out the role firms can and should play in such an agenda. It concludes that a multi-stakeholder approach is the best way to create shared value within the context of such an agenda.

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