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Dr. Kateryna BUSOL Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in the Russia-Ukraine Armed Conflict

Date : 13.06.2022 — Vidéo 57 min.

Alongside the creation of four special prizes by the Royal Academy of Belgium, the Collège Belgique wishes to support Ukrainian and dissident Russian scholars through the organization of remunerated online conferences, in order to allow them to carry on their research activities. ⬇️

These lectures were organised online in June 2022, according to the organizational framework in place at the Collège Belgique.

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February this year, shocking in its scale and viciousness, has drawn much international, including scholarly, attention. However, Russia launched its aggression against Ukraine back in 2014 and many patterns of violence we are witnessing now have escalated since the earlier stages of the armed conflict. The presentation will discuss the development of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) in the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict; the changing patters of victimisation of women, men and children; the taken and possible justice avenues, domestically and internationally; and the positioning of CRSV survivors in Ukraine's emerging transitional justice framework.

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