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Gunnar SIVERTSEN The Scholarly Publishing Practices of the Humanities and their Representation in Performance Indicators

Date : 25.05.2015 — Vidéo 27 min. — Audio 28 min.

For good reasons, the humanities practice a more heterogeneous pattern of scholarly publishing than can be seen in other areas of research. Books, articles in books, and articles in journals and series are all needed because they represent supplementing research methodologies. The humanistic tradition for international scholarly publishing is several centuries old, but today, the humanities would lose their societal relevance and impact, as well as core philological standards, if English became the only language in scholarly publications. Although the situation is improving, the coverage of the humanities is still very limited in the commercial data sources that are often used for performance indicators, Scopus and Web of Science. I will demonstrate the limitations with a focus on the types and magnitudes of the scholarly literatures that are not yet covered. I will also discuss the development of more comprehensive data sources and more proper indicators that might improve the visibility and competitiveness of the humanities.


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