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Dr. Roman PETROV War in Ukraine and Ukraine's Accession to the EU: Compatible of Incompatible?

Date : 15.06.2022 — Vidéo 47 min.

Alongside the creation of four special prizes by the Royal Academy of Belgium, the Collège Belgique wishes to support Ukrainian and dissident Russian scholars through the organization of remunerated online conferences, in order to allow them to carry on their research activities. ⬇️

These lectures were organised online in June 2022, according to the organizational framework in place at the Collège Belgique.

The talk deals with political and legal aspects of the War in Ukraine and its impact beyond the region. In particular, the speaker offers his personal experiences and views on life of an Ukrainian academic during the War in Ukraine. Also, prerequisites and consequences of the War in Ukraine are scrutinised. The speaker focuses on the historical prerequisites of the Ukraine’s application for the EU membership and looks at the future challenges of this process. Main aspect of the talk is the analysis of the impact of the future Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal on the Ukraine’s accession to the EU. The speaker puts forward different options of the content and aims of the Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal and subsequent scenario of the Ukraine’s accession process.


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