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Sylvie Retailleau, Marin Dacos, Véronique Halloin, Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Didier VIVIERS The Europe of knowledge

Date : 22.03.2022 — Vidéo 98 min.

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the 250th anniversary of the Royal Academy of Belgium, the French Embassy in Belgium and the Royal Academy of Belgium organized in Brussels a conference dedicated to the “Europe of knowledge”.

Since the beginning of its Presidency, France has declared the implementation of a European research and knowledge policy a priority for the European community.

During the European Open Science Days held on 4th and 5th February 2022 the European Union reiterated its commitment to build a "new European research area". This new ERA should be based on the principle of open science, defined in terms of new standards for the evaluation of scientific research. Ethics and integrity are at the core of the research in this project of a Europe of knowledge; research is a common good that belong to every citizen. It unfolds through a variety of disciplines and diverse researcher profiles, and is evaluated according to its intrinsic value, not the number of publications.

At the heart of this Europe of knowledge, European universities will provide an institutional framework for European cooperation in higher education and research.

Speakers :
- Sylvie Retailleau, President of the University Paris-Saclay
- Marin Dacos, Coordinator for Open Science to the Director General for Research and Innovation in France
- Véronique Halloin, Secretary General of the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique-FNRS
- Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Solvay
- Didier Viviers, Permanent Secretary of the Royal Academy.

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